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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 8, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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," withthis is "france 24 60 minutes live around the world. i am genie godula. these are the headlines. hillary clinton declared herself the democratic party nominee after more wins in tuesday's primaries, but her rival bernie sanders is determined to fight on. the british prime minister goes on live tv to try and convince the people to stay in the european union. the referendum of the so-called brexit is now just two weeks away.
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with just two days to go before the start of football championship euro 2016, the very first teams have made their way to france. also coming up this hour, the race to train security guards ahead of the start of the european football championships, with 5000 jobs created in the industry for the tournament. back, thischristo is time giving italians a chance to see what it is like to actually walk on water. more on that on the way. first, our top stories live from paris. hillary clinton is now one step closer to making history as the first female nominee for president of the united states. speaking after his new jersey primary victory last night,
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clinton still went ahead and declared herself the democratic nominee. she already has enough delegates to clinch the nomination, but given that some of those herrdelegates behind her -- rival bernie sanders is not giving up. clinton also took to twitter to dedicate the win to every little girl who dreams big and she wrote, "yes, you can be anything you want, even president." let's bring in our washington correspondent, gallagher fenwick. it has been a really big night for hillary clinton. indeed, with a couple of very important victories, notably the one in new jersey. that was an easy one for her. but another important one being attribute it to her by u.s. media and california, the delegate rich states for her, she had been campaigning out there very hard precisely to avoid the sort of catastrophe scenario as a defeat against senator sanders, who has been
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coming dangerously close to her in the most recent polls. in the end, the campaign money and the many appearances by the former secretary of state and gets,rcuits -- her server bill clinton -- her surrogates, bill clinton and chelsea clinton -- according to the associated press, she had already clinched the nomination through the number of delegates and superdelegates before. but symbolically, a very important moment for her. she also had other victories in some of the other states that were voting, and a couple of defeats. our reminder of how much of a bruising experience this primary campaign has been for the former secretary of state, who now basically through the speech she gave, and her attitude has clearly pivoted in general election mode, and is ready for battle against her presumptive
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rival, donald trump. genie: what about bernie sanders in all of this? he is going to washington tomorrow to meet with president obama, at sanders' request. any idea what that might be about? gallagher: obviously the pressure is going to be huge for the senator from vermont to stop this incessant battle and clear the path for hillary. most importantly, to help to unify a deeply divided party. the statement that was issued very late last night mentioned the fact that the meeting is being held at senator sanders' request and simply says that the president looks forward to continuing a conversation with him about the issues that are at stake and about how to keep inspiring millions of voters as senator sanders has done. the desire of the democratic party and of the president himself is to bring those
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millions of voters on board in order to ensure the victory in the general election in november. following that conversation, we might have that moment that hillary clinton and many others in the democratic party have been waiting for, and that is president barack obama official making official who he supports in the campaign, and that will of course be hillary. genie: thank you for that. our chief foreign editor, robert parsons, has been following the tuesday very closely. it looks like we are heading to a clinton-trump face-off in november. rob: hillary clinton has a 13-point lead in california. hopee sanders' lingering that he might get sufficient numbers of pledged delegates to win at the convention disappears now.
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mathematically it is time to say that it is impossible. it does not mean that he will not go on to compete in washington, d.c., but his chances have completely died out. hillary clinton, as we just -- it is in a norm aslant important day. asleep --n in norm enormously important day. i think would bernie sanders is hoping is that he would have the momentum coming out of the primary. it has happened the other way around. hillary clinton is the one with the momentum. she has triumphed big in california and new jersey. genie: the focus is very much going to be on the democrats hitting together, fighting donald trump. what might their secret be? rob: the line of attack is already becoming clear, from what hillary clinton has been saying.
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she is going straight for the jugular, saying this man is not suitable for office -- temporarily unfit is the words she used. she said donald trump has ideas are not just different, that she said donald trump's ideas are not just different, they are just a series of bizarre rants, personal views, and outright lies. she is quite clearly going to stress that this is a man you cannot trust. you cannot put this man of the white house. you cannot allow this man to have his finger on the nuclear button. beyond that, the democratic party has to unite. this is going to be the issue. bernie sanders has made his case for his ideas in the party. he will be pursuing that, demanding at the convention and beyond that they find a central place in the campaign forward. but in addition to that, hillary clinton, although she has triumphed over bernie sanders,
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bernie sanders says he will endorse her if she gets the nomination. the problem for her is, can she win over the supporters of bernie sanders. that is going to be the challenge for her in the month ahead. thanks so much for that, rob. another vote for you now, and there is just two weeks to go for the brits to vote whether to stay in and out -- in or out of the european union. david cameron debated last night on tv. claire williams has more. nigel: nigel for rise -- political spent his career trying to get britain out of the eu. to make this country safer we need to get back british passports so that we can check anybody else coming into this country.
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claire: as well as arguing for more border control, farage was grilled on what happens to the british economy is it leaves the eu. john kline junker has said that -- jean-claude junker has said that -- >> the prime ministers of spain and -- >> i am sorry, we are british. we are better than that. bullied,t going to be charming though he may be, by jean-claude juncker. forget it. david cameron is campaigning for britain to remain in the eu. he says he wants to safeguard britain's special status, and if britain leaves, it will find itself stuck out of the cold. david cameron: if you love your country, you do not damage its economy. you do not restrict
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opportunities for young people. you do not i actually isolate your company -- your country and reduce its influence in the world. i do worry about scottish referendum if you leave. i am deeply patriotic and i think this is a case for a bigger, greater britain inside the european union. q&a,e: hours before the tv the wto's director general said if british businesses found themselves cut off from eu trade deals, they could have to pay billions in tariffs. genie: the deadline to register to vote in the referendum has come and gone, but british politicians have demanded would-be voters be given after time to register online. that is after the website crashed and thousands scrambled for a ballot just before the deadline expired. next, turkish media is reporting that a car bombing at a police headquarters near the border
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with syria today has left at least three police officers dead and several hurt. an explosion occurred on a main street lined with cafeterias, shops, and banks. that attack was after a day -- was a day after a police vehicle was attacked in his temple killing 11 people during rush hour. and as funerals for the victims were under way. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. there have been more corruption accusations at the head of brazilian politics. the top prosecutor in brazil has asked the country's highest court to arrest senior political allies of the interim president. the four officials are accused of obstructing a corruption probe into state-run oil company petrobras. president, interim already standing on thin ice per just weeks after his appointment, michael tadmur --
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mikell temne -- lawmakerr president, eduardo kenya, -- eduardo cuna -- >> we have to wait for the supreme court decision. any move we make will look like we are trying to interfere with the separation of powers. are accused of having obstructed an official probe into state-run oil company petrobras in a corruption scandal that has shaken brazil's political landscape to its core. formed -- was forced to resign last month after he allegedly discussed using dilma rousseff's impeachment to derail the petrobras investigation. someone who speaks the truth
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and believes in justice, i hope this absurd situation can be resolved shortly. >> if confirmed, the scandal is likely to be another blow to michel temer's interim government. the interim president has had difficulty after dilma rousseff was suspended pending her impeachment trial. genie: france is finally starting to recover from its worst floods in decades, and now the long cleanup work is getting underway. today france declared close to 800 communities as being in a state of natural catastrophe. that will help victims of the flood make their insurance claims to start rebuilding their lives. the floods hit hardest around paris, and in the northwestern part of the country are they left five dead and 24 hurt. train drivers are holding their
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eighth day of strikes. two hard-line unions are refusing the government's latest offer for a deal, this just days before the european championships are due to begin. meanwhile, as it is, only two days before the euro 2016 kicks off, but the first teams are already beginning to arrive here in france. poland, england, are among those preparing for the tournament. the games are played every four years. our correspondent has more. >> gearing up for the world's third largest sporting event, the first foreign teams begin to arrive in france on tuesday, just days ahead of the euro-2016 competition that has security forces on edge. in marseille, a team was escorted by police to the airports decorated -- by the airports to a hotel decorated by blue and gold, the covers of the
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organization. fans were also waiting for the northern irish team after they managed to qualify for their first ever european championship. one of the tournament's and have set up camp begun to prepare for their opening match against russia on saturday. this team is as popular as ever. the players signed autographs and mingled with the crowd to the delight of very young fans. a final moment of relaxation for the tri-colors before they face off against romania in the tournament's opening game on friday. genie: now to an art installation that is meant to give you the feeling that you are really walking on water. that is the premise behind the artist christo. it is a temporary sits -- it is a temporary installation on
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italy. it is a three kilometer floating bridge, made up of 200,000 floating cubes. it will be draped in brightly yellow fabric and will open to the public on june 18. here's more from the artist himself. it is very much like a huge, big canvas. we like to have -- genie: hillary clinton has declared herself the democratic party nominee after more wins in tuesday's primaries. her rival, bernie sanders, is still determined to fight on. the british prime minister goes on live tv to try and convince the people to stay in the european union. the referendum on the so-called brexit is just two weeks away.
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business news now with stephen carroll. , wherestarting in france jobseekers are reaping the benefits of the 2016 championship. stephen: they are benefiting from france hosting the tournament, but the security factor, some 5000 jobs have been up for grabs. jobseekers and others racing to complete training in time to start work. >> in this exam room, the stress is palpable. these candidates have just days to get their security licenses to be able to work at the european championships. dreams of working at the event -- it is an opportunity for this airport security guard to add a prestigious role. >> it is quite hard, especially with the added stress, but it went relatively well. >> the third biggest sporting event in the world presents a considerable security challenge,
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with france on high terror alert. some 13,000 guards are needed, along with police and soldiers, to provide security. with unemployment running at over 10%, it is an opportunity for jobseekers. training programs are running until the last minute. >> i am really excited to start working because for a long time i worked in security. >> despite his experience, it is not to be. he failed the practical exam. he is looking forward to the challenge. >> we think about it all the time, every day. all role is even more important, so we need to reassure people. we need to get on with it. body, euro 2016 governing uefa, has put 3 million euros toward guarding the event.
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the european central bank is going on a spending spree as part of its efforts to shore up the eurozone. stephen: the ecb is buying bonds to issue today. the hope is that by expanding those purchases into debt issued by companies in the eurozone that it will encourage those companies to borrow and spend more. mario draghi is banking on the measure, boosting inflation, close to the ecb's goal of 2%. the buying is being done by natural -- national central banks. is that having any impact on the market? stephen: nothing we can see so far. european shares start in the red and are pretty much in that state now. investors have been more in those -- have been more focused on the weak trade data out of china.
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that is the picture on the european markets a short time ago. so more business headlines -- russia's state-controlled oil companies are in a slump by 75% in the first quarter. they hit a 13-year low. rosneft increased capital spending in the first quarter by more than a fifth. it managed to cut dividends despite the slot. be cut forill roughly laurent. it will focus on its corporate hands -- on its core brands. amazon is investing another $3 billion in india. the online retailer already put $2 billion into the market two years ago where it operates a marketplace site and delivery service per jeff bezos said he sees huge potential in india and will help the company compete
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with his rivals. in france, there is a good new opportunity for wine lovers, for people who want to invest. stephen: invest money and get wine in return. it sounds like an interesting idea, and it is the idea for a new crowdfunding website, set up by a former bordeaux producer to help smaller chateau's to raise much-needed funds. all of the projects are that it a a panel -- are vetted by panel. the founder said the idea was to find investors that understand wine. genie: do you understand wine? thank you for that. let's take a look now at our press review. genie: nicholas rushworth is here with us. take a look at what papers are
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saying today. hi, nick. lots of focus on hillary clinton, who has declared herself the present mommy in the united states. nick: it is the first time in history that a woman will be a majority party nomination. she shattered the glass ceiling, she says. let's look at the cartoon in "the l.a. times," showing her a bit forlorn, wearing a t-shirt in which she says i am a woman -- this is a summary of her campaign -- and, two, i am not ,im, pointing to stone age man donald trump. we are looking forward to a clash between these two people. as of now we have five more -- five long months for the november vote. genie: another nasty campaign, the u.k. for bremain
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or brexit. k: nigel farage is arguing , and he verymeron strongly came out against russells, saying that the brits will never be bullied by the eu administration -- against brussels, saying that the brits will never be bullied by the eu administration. cameron says this is the lesser of two evils, to stay in your. cameron says does it need reform? yes. does the institutions need opening, yes. sometimes it drives me mad, he said. it shows that the cameron cap and the remain camp are not
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strong enough for nigel farage. chris patten, the former thernor of hong kong, now chancellor of the university of oxford, is saying not much longer to go now before this wretched campaign is over. he really bemoans the state of debate. he points to five arguments he says that are clearly in favor of remaining. this is a tory politician speaking. he says that one of those is that what happened back in 1970's when the u.k. first joined the european union was that the economic community was there to promote trade. 40 years on, the u.k. is very competitive in terms of its economy. it is doing very well compared to other eu members. it is highly deregulated, from otherspeaking,
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eu members prayed he slams away at boris johnson. he says if you think of nigel believes whatly he says. says, does not believe in these principles. genie: some countries within the european union also are becoming eurosceptics, particularly here in france. nick: "le monde" was quoted this wednesday. the french are more and more eurosceptic. the quote there is two out of five people there no longer have a positive view of the european union. an incredible contest -- an agreeable contrast from days ago. in terms of brexit, the latest stats, according to the pew research center, are that one in
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three french people want the brits to leave the european union, and that would be better for the rest of the eu. so of course that is surprising that the level of euro skepticism there of france ranks greeceegrees -- close to as second-most european skeptic. genie: celebrity news with a bit of a trunk twist. nick: this is a story in all of where meryl streep put on some orange face paint, a blonde way, and did a killer trump impression. the is in "vanity fair." quote there is that this is really just an incredible find, the strange times that we are living in. trump has become such a serious
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political candidate that even meryl streep is lampooning him. of course, her other roles, emily pankhurst, margaret thatcher. genie:bq
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man: i'm really, really honored to introduce some people. i'm a do it real quick so that thehy can talk as long as they can. at the far side is chief caleen sisk. she's the spiritual leader anand tribal chiefef of the winm wintu trtribe, who praractice tr traditional culture and ceremonies in n their territoroy along the mccloud river watersrshed in northern californ near mount sststa. in the middle is jeanette armstrong. she is a selx--syilx, uh, okanagan, a fluent speaker of okanagan, and a traditional knowledge keeper of the okanagan nation. she currently holds the canada research chair in okanagan indigenous knowledge and philosophy at ubc okanagan. and just on a personal note, she is probably the single most influential perso


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